Service is our Business. Heat Exchangers are our Product.

Since 1962...

Hoffman Process, Inc. has roots as a small privately owned Pennsylvania company. Our goal is to provide superior engineering services and manufactured products of the highest quality. We welcome the opportunity to provide design and price estimates to assist you in estimating and budgeting projects.

Hoffman Process, Inc. designs and provides both shell and tube and helical finned tube heat exchangers. We provide guaranteed thermal and mechanical design and furnish our exchangers to the ASME Code and TEMA standards. We offer materials through Hastelloy and titanium, and design pressures through 3,000 psi. We also offer special designs including lethal service, special testing, welded tube-to-tubesheet joints, and two-pass and cross flow shell designs.

Thermal and mechanical designs and drafting are developed with in-house software, including B-JAC and Auto-Cad. Hoffman Process specializes in complex thermal and mechanical designs in alloy materials and titanium. Selected products include air-cooled heat exchangers, duct or transition type exchangers, extended surface coils or sections, TEMA shell and tube exchangers, economizers, waste heat boilers, and special heat exchangers.

In 1988, Hoffman Process, Inc. contracted with J. D. Cousins of Buffalo NY to manufacture their shell and tube heat exchangers. As a manufacturer since 1904 of shell and tube heat exchangers, vessels, columns, skidded packages and Wet Surface Fluid Coolers, this relationship utilized the strengths of both companies, and on December 31, 2014, J.D. Cousins acquired Hoffman Process, Inc. Sid Lauther and Rudy Plese of Hoffman Process continue to be involved by providing engineering and design consulting services to J.D. Cousins in connection with shell and tube heat exchangers. They continue to work out of the Bridgeville, PA office.

J.D Cousins' acquisition of Hoffman benefits engineering firms, contractors and end users, since they increased their breadth of knowledge in the mechanical design of shell and tube heat exchangers.